1. Hunx <3


  2. Anonymous asked: What did Mac demarco do?


    made a rape joke and when he was called out all he said “too bad”

    his bassist got up during a show and graphically described how he beats his wife (video of the last bit of it) (transcript sort of)

    Lift your fucking game Mac. Not cool.




  4. Hunx + His Punx take two! 💕


  5. I wish I was more majestic or something. I am very Hulk-esque. It’s like I’m permanently stuck in Mr. Hyde-mode.


  6. @jenniferdown, Ultrasound just arrived and it is really, so, so beautiful. Well done.


  7. ¡Viva Cleveland! My pal @spalonka snet me this all the way from the US of A! Thank you so much! ❤


  8. Get to see baby Hunx again tonighg and I can’t wait!

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  10. Also, I was at a party on the weekend that reinforced that I have some really, seriously incredible people in my life.


  11. I’ve been trying to put together mixtapes for my autobiograhical mixtape zine. Putting lists of songs under headings like ‘Pals’, ‘Boys’ and stuff like that. Some headings have ten plus songs, and some lists only have two or three. I’m thinking I may just do a mixtape in chronological order, try and slot songs into the time periods of my life I remember them.


  12. No such luck :(


  13. Two of my most fave #albums in giant polystyrene poster form.


  14. Model Emma Appleton claims Richardson sent message offering photo shoot in the magazine in exchange for sex A spokeswoman for Vogue said Sunday that the magazine will no longer work with Terry Richardson, in the wake of new allegations that the celebrity photographer offered a model the chance to be in the magazine in exchange for sex.

  15. I really need to make something soon. Another zine or something else crafty. I’m feeling kind of lazy and a little.unmotivated and I have been picking up mu guitar again but I think I just don’t have the brain for it. I can play the chorus chords to Dirty Hands by Black Lips now so I guess that’s something.

    The job I interviewed for a couple of weeks ago and proceeded to not get ended up calling me last week and offering me a trial. I am excited and nervous and I just want to quit my.current job so bad.

    Tabbo, Hugo and myself have decided that Japan 2015 is our next big trip. Fuji Rock! I just need to start sorting my shit out.