1. still-leben:


    Watch our brand new video for So Now You Know.

    New album new album new album I am so excited for the new album



  2. For some stupid reason I went onto Air Bnb and my God I want to go back to Paris so God damn bad.


  3. Diggin’ this logo.


  4. Love you Adore 💞





  7. black-australia:

    RECOGNISE THIS is the youth-led movement to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and remove racial discrimination from the Australian Constitution. 

    Young Yolngu woman Budat Mununggurr is urging all young Australians to get involved in this important moment for our country.

    (via somtum)


  8. i tried to make custard but then it just went bad but i still tried to eat some of it and now i just hate myself


  9. Me too! But I got drunk on Nutella crepes.


  10. (Source: tpass)


  11. An architectural break down of the amazing 6 minute tracking shot in episode four of True Detective.

    (via INTERIORS: True Detective | ArchDaily)


  12. In these last few days I have been doing a True Detective rewatch and I’m at the last episode again and even though I’ve watched it and I know what happens, the same thing, those same feelings of it all just ending keep creeping up on me and make me feel as though I can’t watch it because I just don’t want it to end, at all. So I guess I’ll just spend the rest of my day off on Etsy putting together a True Detective-related Treasury list and then when I know my tears ducts are full, I’ll put on S01E08 and bawl for the rest of the arvo.


  13. Glittery Hate badge. (at Crafternoon)


  14. Being a super twee dick head and making collages and badges. (at Crafternoon)


  15. Another recent op shop purchase I am particularly stoked on.