2. Making the decision to not see someone you really, really, really wanna see is haaaaaaaaard and annoying. But sometimes, you just gotta.


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     Solange Knowles, 2013 

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  4. Very not into this giant zit on my chin.



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  7. Operation: Cute Room is almost complete.


  8. OITNB Cast attends the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on August 25, 2014 in Los Angeles, California

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    Alien Cadets✧☾☄

    For the upcoming “Bablien” zine. :)

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  10. I think I want to listen to some Cher today.

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  11. Need to stop organising my life around things I just day-dream are going to happen. Saying ‘yes’ to things is a step in the right direction.



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    Photo by @spalonka frame by @ssambeaux #GoTeam!

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  15. Also yesterday at the Heide I saw this by Gunter Christmann, Folklore (Krimhilde, Rubezahl, Rapunzel). I liked it because it reminds me of bodies.