1. leahreena:

    3D Girls Vase

    I love Leah Goren’s work.

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  2. eyeandclaw:

    There are certain people I really just want to grab by the shoulders n tell them to sit down and have a fucking Panadol

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  3. teenssfromhell:

    when you accidentally befriend someone annoying and you can’t get out of the friendship


    i am the chicken.

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  4. sadgirlszine:

    Laura Callaghan in Sad Girls Issue 3. Available here

    Can there be a fourth edition of Sad Girls Zine yet?


  5. My whole body feels very heavy.


  6. monsterpussy:

    i need nicki minaj to shout at me every day

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  7. reblog if your mother no longer sets your bedtime and your life has lost all structure

    my mother doesn’t, but my dad is often like, ‘you should go to bed, hey?’ and i’m like nah.

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  8. I got tagged by @andwhenithappens for that six selfies thing so I guess here it goes;

    1. Me hanging out in the dance studio at work. I really should take advantage of the ceiling-to-floor mirrors more often.

    2. Me hanging out in a kitchen with a box of goon at Easter.

    3. Me hanging out in a bathroom as Lady Gaga.

    4. Me hanging out with my bae Kevo.

    5. Me hanging out in another bathroom lookin’ fly.

    6. Me hanging out with a baby.

    I tag dumb-head, withabang + mrs-bouvier.


  9. Jeff Buckley - Lover You Should've Come Over

    plays: 629

    "Too young to hold on,
    Too old to just break free and run"

    My fave JB song.

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  10. The world needs bad men. We keep the other bad men from the door.

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  12. Life is so hard when your best friend is a 9.5/10 and you’re a strong 4 with the right filter and lighting

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  13. unknwnpleasures:

    Hey! I’ve reduced all the plus size tops in my etsy store to US$12 and as always I apologize for postage costs outside of Australia but there’s nothing I can do. Please check it out here!

    Reblogging so I can have a gander when I get home!


  14. beccapp:

    Coke Zero + Boost

    Stewart St

    Richmond West Primary School

    See ya later Richmond xox


  15. beccapp:

    richmond burbia